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Life Insurance We Offer

Term Life Insurance (Temporary) 

A type of life insurance that guarantees payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies during a specified term. Once the term expires, the policyholder can either renew it for another term, convert the policy to permanent coverage, or allow the policy to terminate.

Index Universal Life 

IUL insurance policies offer tax-deferred cash accumulation for retirement while maintaining a death benefit. It allows the owner to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account. IULs are considered advanced life insurance products.

Whole Life 

Whole life insurance provides coverage for the life of the insured. In addition to paying a death benefit, whole life insurance also contains a savings component in which cash value may accumulate. These policies are also known as “permanent” life insurance.

Final Expense 

Final expense insurance is a whole life insurance policy that has a small death benefit and is easier to get approved for. Final expense insurance is also called,” “burial insurance,” or “simplified issue whole life insurance” All are terms are used to sell small whole life policies with a face value (death benefit) of $2,000 to $50,000

Protect Your Family's Future with Life Insurance

Social & Economic Well-being

Insurance to cover the future of those you love the most.

Paid-up additions

You can make additional contributions to form a savings in the term you choose.

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